Mindful Metropolis — November 2011
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People In Our Community

Reverend Gabrielle Fisher

Director of the Center of Light in Chicago

Reverend Gabrielle Fisher is the director of the Center of Light in Chicago. She has nearly 20 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation and giving spiritual counseling and seminars. She has taught in a variety of settings, including corporate workshops, universities and her own yoga studio, which she founded and grew to employ 13 instructors. Presently, she holds meditation classes and provides one-on-one spiritual counseling to students at the Center of Light, a mystical Christian order and spiritual school located on Chicago’s North Side. She also has a Master’s degree in occupational therapy and works full-time as the rehabilitation coordinator at Kindred Chicago Central Hospital. (centersoflight.org)

» How I came to be doing what I do …

When I was younger I felt very connected to nature and started to read about spiritual people. After graduating from college, I started learning from all kinds of alternative teachers from different backgrounds—acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, kundalini, Kabbalah, etc. I studied intensely and found that the teachers had real problems in their lives with sexuality, diet, power and greed. I wondered how these people could be spiritually advanced while still having problems. I felt disappointed and was hoping to meet one who had transformed so I could learn from them. About 13 years ago, I decided to live in a Christian mystical ashram and learn from the Christian masters there. It was the best thing I ever did with my life and I never left. I was ordained as a mystical Christian priest ten years ago.

» Something about me that surprises people … I taught yoga in Boston for 17 years.

» If I could change one thing about Chicago, it would be …

I would like to see people come together and meditate and to believe it is a viable means to make real change in our city. Research has shown that when the square root of one percent of a population prays or meditates together, the crime rate in the surrounding area plummets, inflation and unemployment decrease. In Chicago, it would only take about 300 people!

» My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is …

Remembering the gift of love Jesus brought to us to by being a living example of carrying God’s light and love for all people.

» One thing I’m really grateful for is …

The unconditional love of God and my teachers.

» What is a Christian mystical priest? …

God is love and love is inside and all around us. Not everyone wants to tune into that love and decide to make this the most important thing in their life. We all have the same potential to be connected to God, but we are not all equal in the amount of sacrifices we make, or the amount of work we have done to replace our vices with the practice of virtues. We have not all chosen humility over pride. So a mystic is one who decides to have a direct one-on-one relationship with God and is connected to the truth within. A priest is one who has made their whole life about this connection and who loves God and God in people more than anything else.