Mindful Metropolis — November 2011
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Thanksgiving Dinner Delivered
Jessica Mousseau

These Chicagoland catering services will deliver a prepared, organic meal right to your door

THANKSGIVING IS A Time Of Reflection, Appreciation And Joy. The First Celebration Of Thanksgiving Incorporated Freshly Grown Food Free From Additives, Preservatives Or Hormones, Ultimately Making Thanksgiving One Of The First Organic Meals Our Country Ever Celebrated.

This Thanksgiving, Enjoy Your Loved Ones And Order Your Thanksgiving Feast In. Many Chicagoland Catering Services Offer Prepared, Organic Meal Delivery For Holidays, Special Events Or Just Everyday Meals.

Green monkey catering
1325 S. State St.,Chicago 312. 913.1355 greenmonkeycatering.com

Green Monkey Catering believes that organic, local and all-natural foods are the best option for our bodies as we are affected by allergens, pesticides, hormones and other chemicals in conventional foods.They prepare food in a peanut-free kitchen with natural and organic ingredients. Their South Loop catering and meal delivery service brings meals directly to your home and can be ordered online.

“Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge the source of the delicious autumn bounty we enjoy at the Thanksgiving table. It’s great celebrating the fact that everything was grown without the use of dangerous chemical pesticides,” says Green Monkey Catering representative Sarah Haggett. “Going organic for Thanksgiving makes your gathering more eventful, because the more you know about the foods you serve, the more festive and fun the meal!”

Jelena cooks, inc.
913 N. Honore, Chicago
847. 877.3192

Focused on creating savory, mouth-watering- yet-healthy meals, Jelena Cooks and her staff use organic ingredients in every dish.Their catering delivery service takes seasonal and locally grown food to make a meal to remember. They are committed to delivering healthy meals free of hormones, additives or preservatives right to the customer’s door. They cater for everyday needs, special events and holidays, including Thanksgiving.

Finesse cuisine
1332 N. Halsted St., Chicago
312. 280.9999

Finesse Cuisine uses farm-fresh ingredients to create a meal that is more than just food—it’s also an experience. Finesse Cuisine creates events and meals that are specific to your taste buds and needs.Thanksgiving is one such event. “Organic food really connects us to the tradition of Thanksgiving,” says Finesse Cuisine owner Jon Wool. “Enjoying the bounty of the land and appreciating your community is what Thanksgiving is all about. When you imagine the ideal Thanksgiving, you’re not imagining processed foods!

In addition to the health and nutritional benefits of eating organic, Wool says Finesse focuses on the environmental impact of organic food. “By buying ingredients from local farmers and businesses, we’re cutting down on pollution caused by distribution over long distances and only serve food that is fresh and the most flavorful.”