Mindful Metropolis April 2011 : Page 23

“Alternative healthcare for thoughtful lives...” GENTLE HOLISTIC DENTISTRY Mercury-free fillings Non-surgical periodontal therapy Dental Homeopathy Wellness Therapies Careful patient education to help avoid future problems Taf G. Paulson, DDS LICENSED GENERAL DENTIST 312.944.7444 233 E. ERIE, SUITE 816 | CHICAGO, IL 60611 Co-active Coaching is a model for success . Co-active coach training is not just for individuals wanting to become professional coaches. It teaches a flexible skillset for success that will benefit your work, community, and personal lives. Our Fundamentals course equips you with tools you can apply right away to become a sharpened leader, a superior team member, and even a better parent. Co-active is for Everyone. Visit www.thecoaches.com/mindful to learn about Fundamentals, our two and a half-day introductory course, and receive $200 off. Next training dates: May 20-22, 2011 MiNDFUlMETrOpOliS.COM 23

The Coaches Training Institute

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