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Dr. Raymond Moody, MD The EWG report explains the conflict be-tween FCC and the cell phone industry: “the Fcc set its first radiation standards for cell phones in 1996, 13 years after they were first marketed in the united states. the agency adopted the sar limits recom-mended by industry (ieee c95.1-1991 stan-dard) to protect against high-dose ther-mal effects. that standard allows 20-times higher exposure to the head (1.6 W/kg) than to the rest of the body (0.08 W/kg), and it does not account for children’s higher ex-posure relative to body weight and greater vulnerability to radiation. For much of the past decade, the indus-try has been pressuring the Fcc and Fda to loosen the sar standard to permit greater energy absorption by the head (ieee ices 2010; li 2006; lin 2006; microwave news 2001; silva 2002). under the ieee proposal, the new upper limit for exposure to the head would be 2 W/kg instead of the current Fcc maximum of 1.6 W/kg (ieee 2006). the method of measurement would also change from the more sensitive approach of mea-suring sar on a one gram of tissue average to a less sensitive method based on a 10-gram average (ieee 2006). it is well known that averaging over the larger amount of tis-sue results in a one-half to two-thirds lower sar value. (cardis 2008; Gandhi 2002). so far the Fcc has not adopted this proposal, but the agency has a disconcerting record of accepting industry recommendations without peer review by independent scien-tific experts (Gao 2001; lin 2006).” GLIMPSES OF ETERNITY Sharing A Loved One’s Passage From This Life to the Next A Lecture: Friday, April 29 2011, 6–8pm A Workshop: Saturday, April 30, 2011, 11am–1pm Since Dr. Moody published his landmark Life After Life on near death experience in 1975, the ever-growing testimony of near death phenomena has been dismissed, through a materialist view that consciousness is just a creation of the brain, and that near death experiences claimed by the resuscitated result from oxygen depravation. Into this public dialogue, Dr. Moody presents the results of his latest research—that the moments surrounding our fi nal departure are sometimes shared with the living, in a variety of sensory experiences. In a rare appearance in Chicago, Dr. Moody will discuss his fi ndings into life’s greatest mystery in a public lecture on Friday, April 29. The conversation will continue on Saturday, April 30, from 11am-1pm in a more intimate workshop, limited to sixty people. Register online today at SwedenborgLib.org; or email orders@swedenborglib.org; or call 312-346-7003. Lecture: Friday April 29, 6–8pm, main sanctuary of the First United Methodist Church, 77 W. Washington St. (at Clark St.), Chicago. $5 donation Workshop: Saturday April 30, 11am-1pm, James Parlor, 2nd Floor, 77 W. Washington St. (at Clark St.), $20 donation Indeed it was not long ago that the federal government finally insisted upon a specific warning on cigarette packages sold in the U.S. after decades of knowledge existed that cigarettes caused cancer. This followed years of permitting tobacco companies to use the words “may be hazardous” and “is danger-ous” to your health, instead of the more de-terring warning “cigarettes cause cancer.” An investigation published last month by EWG revealed that FCC officials actually changed specific language in their guidelines on cell phone radiation after three different meetings with industry representatives last year. The words, “Buy a wireless device with lower SAR” were completely scrubbed from their consumer safety guidelines. Christine Escobar is a native of Chicago, a freelance writer and the founder and editor of GreenParentChicago.com. For more on eMFs and wireless radiation, including ways to reduce exposure, visit: mindfulmetropolis.com/blog Co-sponsored by: 26 april 2011

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