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CONTENTS august 2011 28 20 Features If your current job leaves you unfulfilled, a career in natural health could change your life By Kristen Guzzardo Change Careers—and Your Life 28 12 cover story Fresh from the Farm program manager Lindsey Arenberg explains how the curriculum connects city kids to their food Interview By Jessica Mason One on One: Back to the Roots The Chicago School of Blues, an education program that began in December 2010 to bring blues music to schools throughout Chicago, hopes to preserve the art form forever woven into the fabric of our city By Brian Bienkowski Passing Down the Blues 30 8 departments did you hear? Green your school routine; Empowering students; Get involved 14 16 green city Diversity in Green Learning about neural diversity David J. Zeiger, D.O., medical director of HealthWorks Integrative Medical Center People in Our Community in every issue Publisher’s Notes Events Around Town 18 6 22 24 26 awaken the soul Heart-to-Heart with Andrew Harvey Loving action leads to lasting joy Around the Community 32 Holy Molé 34 Life, etc 36 Mindful Directory 38 Mindful Marketplace 45 Final Thoughts 46 living healthy How Are You Treating Your Heart? Taking precautions today could prevent a heart condition tomorrow Bringing eco-trendy food to the hotel lounge Eat Here: Elate at Hotel Felix Chicago From Your Local Farmer Purslane, wild and tame 30 art & soul Black Wings Take Flight A new exhibit chronicles African American’s efforts to break the color barrier in the sky and space Books, Film & Music 31 Reviews

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