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Healing Is a Simple Act Ready for a more fulfilling career? Become a Certified Practitioner of Zen Shiatsu. Zen Shiatsu is a Japanese style of bodywork that uses stretching and compression to engage the energy pathways in the body called meridians. Therapists use holistic assessment methods to find and support the most depleted area of the body, restoring balance. Our 625-hour Shiatsu Certification Program prepares students to ear n the credentials needed for legal, professional practice. Publisher Richard McGinnis (x7014) Editor & Production Manager James Faber (x7012) Assistant to Editor Lisa Meyer Proofreading Lila Moore Editorial Intern Brian Bienkowski Marketing Intern Nathan Wiese Display Advertising Sondra Brigandi (x7011) sondra@mindfulmetropolis.com Maureen Ewing (x7010) maureen@mindfulmetropolis.com Chelsea Mack (x7018) chelsea@mindfulmetropolis.com Tim Winkler (x7013) tim@mindfulmetropolis.com B2B Strategist & GEAR Events Melissa Bingham (x7020) melissa@mindfulmetropolis.com Web & Graphic Contributions Canopy29.com Graphic Design Kimi Badger, Rachel Rodde Staff Photographer christina noël photography christinanoel.us Distribution Management Milwaukee Sentinel Journal Mindful Metropolis,® Inc. 53 W. Jackson Blvd., Ste. 1360 Chicago, IL 60604 General Inquiries: 312.281.5199 Fax: 312.275.8431 mindfulmetropolis.com twitter.com/MindfulMetro facebook.com/MindfulMetropolis SUGGEST A STORY IDEA OR ARTWORK Visit mindfulmetropolis.com for sub-mission guidelines. Email editor@ mindfulmetropolis.com with “story idea” in the subject line. Mindful Me-tropolis assumes no responsibility for unsolicited editorial and artwork SUBMIT A LETTER TO THE EDITOR Email editor@mindfulmetropolis.com with “letters” in the subject line. Letters may be edited for clarity and brevity Visit mindfulmetropolis.com/calendar SUGGEST A NEW BOOK FOR REVIEW Email editor@mindfulmetropolis.com Please do not send unsolicited books FIND A CIRCULATION LOCATION Current issue free at designated outlets. Visit mindfulmetropolis.com for locations SUBSCRIBE In addition to our free circulation at more than 600 locations in Chicago and surrounding suburbs, we off er subscriptions for $30/year (U.S. Only). Email subscribe@mindfulmetropolis. com for further information PLACE AN ADVERTISEMENT Email: sales@mindfulmetropolis.com, or call 312.281.5199 SUGGEST AN EVENT FOR THE CALENDAR Discover How Easy It Can Be! Free Introductory Workshop Friday, Sep. 16 , 7-9pm th Statement of Purpose Beginning Zen Shiatsu Sep 7 -Nov 9, Sep 7 -Nov 9, Wed 11am-2pm Wed 7-10pm (10 weeks) (10 weeks) Oct 14-16 & 21-23 Fri 7-10, Sat/ Sun 9am-4pm (2 weekends) Complete Schedule: zenshiatsuchicago.org/schedule/ We strive to bring together communities throughout the Chicago metropolitan and surrounding areas with like-minded concepts and fresh ideas. We explore green culture, art and design. We investigate sustainable ways to live in an urban community. We bring conscious living concepts from the kitchen table to the boardroom table and all places in between. We promote businesses, nonprofi ts, local organizations and educational institutions that inspire individuals and communities to personally act responsibly for their inner circles and for their outer spheres. We think outside the box, yet are practical in our approach to what is maintainable. We attract readers who are actively engaged and who are committed to continually grow and educate themselves. We are low impact and high concept. We never forget that kindness is an environmental mission. We are eco-active, enviro-sensitive and socially involved. We are connecting Chicago’s conscious community. We are Mindful Metropolis. Advertisers of products and services are fully and solely responsible for providing same as advertised. Mindful Metropolis assumes no liability for improper or negligent business practices by advertisers. All contents © 2011 Mindful Metropolis, Inc. All rights reserved unless otherwise indicated. “Mindful Metropolis” and “Connecting Chicago’s Conscious Community” are registered trademarks of Mindful Metropolis, Inc. We use recycled paper and soy-based ink. Please recycle this magazine! zenshiatsuchicago.org 8 september 2011 Call 847-864-1130 for more info. 825 Chicago Ave Evanston, IL 60202

Zen Shiatsu Chicago

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