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thing to do is to educate yourself. Learn. Get connected. Find people that are doing the kind of work that you resonate with and really reach out. Magic happens as soon as you do that. What we’re doing with Bioneers right now is we’re about to launch a whole new portion of our website that will be the equivalent of getting the conference on-line, all year long. We’re going to be featur-ing many of the top leaders across a whole slew of different topic and issue areas. It will also include ways people can get connected. If you’re interested in changing the food system, we’ll have the top 10 or 20 leading people and groups in that field where you can learn about their work, you can find out about how to get connected. We’re going to be doing a lot more online, essentially do-ing more with media in general. We hope to launch a bunch of webinars, webcasts and teleconferences next year and really start to actively build and increase these networks. any final thoughts? I live kind of in weird world, in a sense where part of my job is to do this star search on a permanent basis, looking for the great-est breakthrough work in the world. When we started in 1990, you could easily know everybody in a given field and survey the work. Now, 20 years later, I can’t even re-motely keep up with the amount of incred-ible work going on and the diversity and scope of it. It’s extraordinary. It’s a distorted perspective, because if you watch the news and read the paper, it’s really the dark ages here. These are very scary and dangerous times. That’s mostly what you get from the media. But at the same time, there’s this whole other world coming up now, looking to break through, and I live in that word. There’s tremendous hope right now. The “shift” is hitting the fan, right now. From our perspective, Bioneers is kind of where the hope is, this extraordinary network of change makers, visionaries and innovators. And it’s absolutely exploding. Join the Bioneers virtually for the Bioneers Conference October 14-16 via free webcast at bioneerslive.org. Locally, the 4th annual Bioneers Conference and free Green Living Expo takes place Nov. 5, from 8am-4pm, at McHenry County College, 8900 US Hwy 14, Crystal Lake, Ill. Visit mcbioneers.com for more information. Nic Halverson is a freelance writer and Indiana native currently based at the end of a gravel road in Columbia, Mo. MINDFULMetroPoLIS.coM 29

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